AWWAS | Project


In 2023, AWWAS will begin her chain of creative therapy & expression meetings called, ‘The Circle’ to establish rapport and build relationships with community women. The Circle will host women in various communities to a round-seated event of creative expression and therapeutic storytelling; giving them opportunities to open up about cases of abuse-induced trauma and receive the counselling required. The women will also be given kits to encourage them on their storytelling and recovery journeys.

On 25th March, AWWAS will work with young women at the University of Abuja in collaboration with artists, therapists, mentors, and self-defence professionals. There will be a day-long workshop that will bring together the young women, student creative artists, and student activists who have been working on this issue, and will use panel discussions, Q&A sessions, showcases and creative storytelling to promote expression for gender justice and social change, encourage self-liberation, facilitate personal and communal healing, and educate the students on their responsibility in the fight against victimisation of women. It will be the launch and inauguration day for the AWWAS Sisters’ Community.