AWWAS | Our Story

Our Story

Sometime in 2017, AWWAS embarked on a journey to aid the African girl in finding her voice over the hold of victimisation and the culture of silence it thrives in, inspiring her to be an agent of social change. AWWAS is an acronym for A Woman With A Story. It is an initiative of the Dan Kauna Foundation (CAC/IT/ NO 120928) that provides a platform for creative therapy and expression for women, with the goal of transforming emotional trauma into stories that drive social change.

Our Program


Achieving an Africa where there is no hiding place for any form of victimization of young women

Our Mission

To mentor, equip and build an empowered community of women that confront victimisation through creative expression and enterprise, challenging our conniving culture of silence.

Our Responsibility

We are committed to working with professionals and creative experts in serving our participants.

We are committed to creating safe spaces for confidential expression.

We are committed to employing mechanisms and policies that protect our beneficiaries from any form of harassment as a result of their participation in our projects.

We are committed to ensuring standardisation of our projects and programs across communities

Our Team